Myriam Romijn was born on the second of October 1957 in Ukkel near Brussels Belgium.

Since her twelfth she was very inspired and intrigued by contrasts of black and white. So Myriam made many drawings with a dip pen and white ink on  black cardboard. From this characteristic contrast approach she started painting using various techniques and colours.

Myriam Romijn was educated at the Parastone Art Gallery where she worked for 23 years. There sculptures were designed and painted where after they were taken into production. Including three dimensional interpretations of artist such as Jheronimus Bosch and Salvador Dali.

After her Parastone period Myriam worked at a company for 2 Ĺ years where furniture and accessories were designed and made from glass. Here Myriam came to the idea of making her dip pen drawings on design glass.

With white glass paint and a dip pen Myriam now draws her characteristic black and white drawings on design glass. To finish and complete the black and white effect she finally sprays the drawing with black paint.  Myriamís designs which demand angelic patience are completely outlined and completed from the free hand. A truly labour intensive process where the artist goes into a nearly meditative trance.

She also makes abstract paintings. These paintings are warm, colourful and cheerful by different techniques. These artworks are by many experienced as positive and fantastical.

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